Hooked on Drawing

Hooked on Drawing

AV-Art has entered into a long-term partnership with LiLaLaya, in the form of the "Hooked on Drawing" project. The owner of LiLaLaya, Amy Verhoeff’s sister Laya Verhoeff, uses her creativity to create beautiful objects through hooks. Amy wanted to create more with her art than drawings and paintings on paper, and Laya's work was the perfect complement to create beautiful pieces together.

With this project, Laya and Amy combine two completely different art forms. Nevertheless, there are also clear similarities between the work of the sisters. Both like to work with natural shades of fine shapes. For this project a piece of Amy's art is printed on fabric. The fabric is literally ‘Hooked’ to Laya's knitted / crocheted work. Together this creates a beautiful pillowcase with two very different sides. The contrast of structure, color and patterns results in a beautiful work of art that becomes a painting for the interior.

In addition to the pillowcases, Amy and Laya have also designed necklaces together. The combination between the two art forms also emerges in the necklaces. One side of the pendant consists of a crocheted piece by Laya, the other side consists of a print of a painting made by Amy.

The name of the project, 'Hooked on Drawing', not only stands for the drawing that is literally ‘hooked’ to Laya's work, but it also represents the addiction to the art that both sisters have. The collaboration shows how two completely different disciplines can create one fantastic work of art.

The artworks of Amy and Laya can be purchased on the Laya website: www.lilalaya.nl