"I dreamed of painting and now I paint my dream."

An inspiring environment makes that you can grow, look beyond the obvious and be open to new adventures and challenges. A new place can be an opportunity to fulfill your dreams. At the beginning of this year, Amy Verhoeff had the opportunity to create a new, special home. An inspiring environment full of possibilities for AV art suddenly became reality; a characteristic farmhouse in the Brabant landscape.

The farmhouse has a rich history and has been owned by Amy's grandfather and grandmother for many years. Amy's grandfather, Koos Verhoeff, was an artistic brain who created beautiful objects through mathematics. His unique approach was also visible in and around the farmhouse. A special building like this is nice to keep in the family. When the opportunity came for Amy and Dennis to become the fourth generation of new residents of this farmhouse, they were very eager to move to the farmhouse.

Amy and Dennis are gradually coloring the picture together. For example, they are building a beautiful studio full of natural light and a beautiful, large space for training and workshops. The growth to a larger atelier fits with the future plans of AV-art. The space for training and workshops is spacious and easily accessible. This allows Amy to organise her trainings, expositions and workshops in the same inspiring location as where she works herself. Her own works are also given a place where they do justice.


In the next few months, the final touches will be added to the creative spaces so that they can be put into use. Thereafter it is the turn of the living areas of the farmhouse and the spacious garden. All in all a beautiful, labor-intensive project that is slowly becoming a dream palace.